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Brandon Block & Ricky Morrison / Musical Emporium / Mi-Soul Radio / Fri 7pm - 9pm / 21-07-2023
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These are a series of radio shows broadcast live from Mi-Soul radio.
This is a weekly radio show every Sunday night 11pm-1am UK time.

The features are 20mins of NEW releases, 20mins of artist birthdays for the particular month we are in. Artist Debut Album Revisted. This is where I review those debut albums that we may have forgotten about from established and not so much established artists, and on the flip side I dip into the Independent bag. Artists producing quality music but without the backing or support of the middle man.

It’s all grownfolk music that encompasses everything under the soulful banner. Neo, Jazz, RnB, House, Soul – If it’s soulful it will be played.

After hours / Roy The Roach / Mi-Soul Radio / Sat 1am - 4am / 22-07-2023
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The Lovebug Sessions / Dj Fen / Mi-Soul Radio / Fri 11pm - 1am / 21-07-2023
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Jumpin Jack Frost / Official DnB Show / Mi-Soul Radio / Fri 9pm - 11pm / 21-07-2023
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